List of authorities for transporting dangerous goods

Saturday, April 20, 2013 - 10:45

The enforcing and reporting of dangerous goods transportation.

If you are transporting dangerous goods, you must follow the regulations for doing so, which will mean you are able to do it safety and securely.

There are several different authorities who will be responsible for their own areas regarding the transportation of dangerous goods. Each have a duty to ensure that the rules are followed, depending on how the goods are transported.

If you would like to report an incident – or report someone who seems to be breaking the regulations, you should contact the relevant authority/agency.

We have created a list of people who you may wish to contact:

Dangerous goods transported by road: | Health and Safety Executive (HSE) | VOSA Vehicle and Operator Services Agency | Environment Agency | Hazardous waste

Dangerous goods transported by train: | Office Of Rail Regulation

Dangerous goods transported by air: | Civil Aviation Authority

Dangerous goods transported by sea: | Department for Transport – Maritime & Costguard

Here is a handy link to “Moving Dangerous Goods” by the Department for Transport


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